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Our last one for this scholastic year :) ...

Industrial visit to Stainless Steel Products Ltd

April 29, 2015, 12:00pm

Stainless Steel Products Ltd

UESA would like to invite all engineering students interested in industrial and manufacturing engineering to the last industrial visit this semester at Stainless Steel Products Ltd. The company, which manufactures stainless steel kitchen sinks,forms part of the British company Astracast - the world's first specialist manufacturer of coloured composite sinks Transport may be arranged against a small fee announced in the confirmation e-mail. Once that e-mail is sent, the applicant has to pay the UESA representative on the day of the event. Personal transport may also be used, in which case, the applicant should meet on site at 12:15pm. This visit is part of the UESAPlus Programme, which is recognized by DegreePlus. Applications for the visit are available from our website at (Don’t forget to log in beforehand!) A limited number of places are available for this visit, so applying is strictly on a first come, first served basis. Any additional information regarding Stainless Steel Production Ltd may be found at: Feel free to contact us on or on our Facebook page at UESA See you all soon!

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