Engineering Student’s Rights

UESA’ s main aim always remains that of putting the students’ interests first. As an organisation it seeks to be the voice of the engineering students and serves as a link between the students and the faculty. As a matter of fact, UESA members represent students on several university and international boards. Also, complaint forms are forwarded to the faculty by UESA, after being filled by students. So when having any difficulties, just remember, that UESA is here to help you in the best way possible.

Uni Social Life

Apart from academics UESA also makes sure that you have your share of parties and entertainment. From the infamous UESA Open Bar to other informal activities we make sure that you’ll enjoy your university life to the max. Well, unless you prefer to stay 24/7 studying that is!

Academic Aid

UESA takes the academic side of University as seriously as the social side. UESA is here to make the student more knowledgable about engineering by various means; through industrial visits organised throughout the year and other events which connect the student with his or her future work. These might help make choices related to the job.


New Semester, Newer UESA

It’s a busy time for everyone – lectures are in full gear and results are slowly trickling in after more than a month of waiting. Nonetheless, you’ll always have some time to spare for UESA’s many events dotted throughout this year. Towards the end of last semester, we brought you the Annual UESA Special, Santa’s […]


UESA Goes Green

On the 25th of November 2015, a seminar was held for all engineering students about renewable energy. The seminar mainly introduced students to renewable energy and renewable technology as well as learning about future prospects and jobs which could be achieved after University regarding this field. Two speakers where brought to talk about their respective […]


ICE Malta supports UESA

ICE Malta is proud to confirm their newly launched collaboration with University association UESA (University Engineering Students Association) for 2016. “From the very start, ICE Malta study programmes were designed to compliment a vast array of University courses. During the last academic years, following consultation with the industry, we have launched a number of study […]

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