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The Engiziblata

July 2, 2015, 6:00pm

Gnejna Bay

In midst of the exam period, Summer appears to be so near, yet ever so far. Random students are posting selfies of their new-found freedom, and yet, you are up till 2am, desperately trying to shove every fragment of information into your head for tomorrow’s exam. THIS is for all those sleepless nights. For the 6th consecutive year, celebrations following a successful year are done the engineering way; through our very own, Engiziblata, at Ġnejna Bay, Mġarr. This is a BYOB (bottle/BBQ) event, so everyone is free to get whatever they see necessary. We will not be selling any drinks, food, or BBQs, so make sure to bring what you need for the night. Please keep the beach area clean. If possible, please bring along bags to throw away your waste. Come along and enjoy the sun. Swim, drink, BBQ and kick-start your Summer period, the engineering way. Disclaimer: UESA is not held responsible for any personal damages, losses or incidents. Drink responsibly. Don't Drink and Drive.

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