About UESA

Who & What is UESA?


about-meUESA (University Engineering Students Association) is a non-political student organization which is directed towards students within the University of Malta. Since its birth, UESA’s main aim is to help the engineering student familiarize and accustom himself within university life. In addition to this, it’s aim, is to make campus life much better and more fun by organizing events aimed at young people while giving the education aspect the required importance.

UESA’s objectives are achieved by building a good relationship with the staff at the faculty so as to serve as a bridge between the students and the lecturers. UESA is also recognised by the Chamber of Engineers, by having its own active representative in the chamber’s executive. In 2004, UESA was officially admitted in the EYE – European Young Engineers council, thus also representing the engineering student on an international level.

UESA has in recent years gained “an exponential momentum” as described by one our alumni. Also, a rebranding took place, where the true new face of UESA is represented, that is; fresh, new and modern. These three words represent the true spirits of every member in the exec.

How To Find Us

Università ta’ Malta, Tal-Qroqq, Malta

E-mail: info@uesa-mt.com


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The Executive Board



Kenneth Terribile

2nd Year | Electrical Engineering


Define UESA in 3 words?

Challenging, Satisfying, Time Consuming

Whats your most used phrase?
I don’t actually have one..

On a scale of 1-10 how attractive would you say you are?
Do you think 10 is enough for me?

Most embarrassing moment from your sixth form years?
Who wrote these questions can get quite bitchy.. Well we are at a party once, and at a very good moment, (or lets say bad), I had a name confusion with an ‘ex’.

Your favorite member in the current executive?
There are too many girls in the executive to have a favorite member..


Karl Galea

2nd Year | Electrical Engineering


Define the Engineering Course in 3 words?
Stressful, Challenging, Determination

What’s your most used word?
There are too many to choose from, but the most must be “man” to address all my friends.

What’s your favorite feature on the opposite sex?
There’s no one favorite feature, it’s the right combination; but mostly it’s the character and all the head including her hair, smile and eyes.

Who’s your favorite DJ?
Definitely Avicii.

Is the glass half full or half empty?
Depends on the mood but mostly it’s always half full.




André Farrugia

2nd Year | Electrical Engineering

Financial Officer

Random Fact about yourself?
I’ve torn my cruxiate ligaments, a very painful experience I must say

Do you keep a diary?
Personally I don’t.

What would you do if someone proposed to you tomorrow?
The answer would be no, I consider myself too young to have such a commitment.

A relationship with love or one with sex?
I guess with love

Whats your favorite girls name beginning with the letter M?
I guess the person that chose the question loves to put me in some difficulty to how I should answer but I’ll give him the answer that he wants and I’ll say Mum.


Jurgen Seychell 

2nd Year | Electrical Engineering

Public Relations Officer

Define the Engineering course in 3 words?
Difficult, no social-life, rewarding

Is the glass half full or half empty?
Most of the times it is half-full, I always to try to stay positive and calm in life

Whats your favorite alcoholic drink beginning with the letter J?
Well, that is easy. I go for Jack Daniel’s for sure. Give me some ice, a bit of Jack and I am in heaven

What would you do if someone proposed to you tomorrow?
I would probably just stare at them in shock. Afterwards I would I will just tell her/him are you sure you’r ok? When he/she is gone I will laugh and make fun of the situation.

Whats your favorite feature on the opposite sex?
Looks should not be a decisive factor but the first thing you see are the looks so yeaa beautiful eyes makes all the difference for me. And of course a great body won’t hurt either.




Jack Tranter

2nd Year | Mechanical Engineering

Secretary General

Random fact about yourself?
I have an insane interest in American politics.

Define the Engineering course in 3 words.
Difficult but satisfying.

Who’s your favorite DJ?
Got two, Calvin Harris and Paul Kalkbrenner.

Do you sing in the shower?
Unfortunately, yes.

Is the glass half empty or half full?
At times, you’d think the glass is absolutely empty but then exams would finish and all will be well.


Mitchell Borg

3rd Year | Mechanical Engineering

Leisure Officer

Define the Engineering course in 3 words?
Late-nights, stress, swearing.

Whats your favorite feature on the opposite sex?
Her smile. Nothing makes a guy swoon more than a girl with a beautiful smile.

A relationship with love or one with sex?
Intimacy comes with passion, respect, affection and honesty.

What would you do if someone proposed to you tomorrow?
Depends. I’d probably laugh and walk away.

Random Fact about yourself?
In the bathroom, I stare at the same wall for 15 minutes, every morning before Uni.




Andrew Spiteri

3rd Year | Electrical Engineering

Educational Officer

Define UESA in 3 words?
Dedicated, teamwork-based and creative

On a scale of 1-10 how attractive would you say you are?
I’m really not the person to answer this question! However I don’t enjoy flipping through photos of myself, especially old ones or those taken in clubs! On a more serious note, I judge myself according to my decisions and actions in conjunction to my mood, so I would not be able to give a fixed answer anyway.

Whats your favorite feature on the opposite sex?
There are many features which I consider important for a girl to have. However I find that a good sense of humor and a witty personality are essential. Good looks wouldn’t hurt either!

Who’s your favorite DJ?
First I must explain that I usually listen to underground music. There are several music artists I follow and thus could be seen as my favorites. Most tracks I currently listen to are produced by Manuel De La Mare, Felix Cartal or Disclosure.

Your favorite member in the current executive?
I have particular respect for Kenneth, who always seems to know everything that’s going on and also knows how and when to speak. I am also very grateful to David, who, despite not being on the executive board, dedicates much time and effort to help out whenever he can.